September 11, 2014


I'm not one for hash tags. In fact, I kind of despise them. This is mostly caused by the overuse of them in social media.

Today is different. Today marks 13 years since the attacks on NYC and Washington D.C. To see that #NeverForget is trending on Twitter brought me a lot of joy. I love seeing that a country that has so many differences and issues can still come together to mourn for people that many of us have never met.

I was only in first grade when the gruesome day brought chaos through our country. I don't remember much, just that everyone was scared and parents were coming to get there children from my little elementary school out in the sticks and others across the US.

Although I was not affected directly, no loss of loved one's or friends, it was still brought close to home. Literally. I say this because I live just 60 miles, about an hour drive, from the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93. I actually wrote a post about my trip there about a week ago.

This post is fairly short, partially due to the fact that I still have to be a college student and go to classes today. But also because I feel that little needs to be said about this matter because it speaks volumes on its own.

I have my own opinions on the events of the day and I know that other people may share my opinions or have radically different ones. Either way, today is for mourning, today is for remembering, today is for #NeverForgetting.

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