September 16, 2014

City Living

Good afternoon bloggers! A few weeks ago my roommate Britnee and I moved into our new apartment in the city. We worked really hard on decorating and furnishing it and I wanted to show it off!
Every piece of furniture was either bought at a consignment shop, thrift store, craigslist, or given to us by family members or friends. We were so excited to really make the apartment our own by customizing and mixing the pieces that we scored on.
One of the best ways to mix and match thrift furniture is by painting it. The table and chairs, which were actually bought from two different places, were easily matched by painting them with the black and white finish. Believe it or not, the chairs were originally a baby pink.
The couch was one of our best finds. Originally a $249.99 Ikea couch, we found this gently used on craigslist for $50 (and she even included the two pillows!).
All of the extra decorations were picked up from different stores at bargain prices and thrown together to create this awesome look. We wanted to keep a theme color of red in mind. It also helped to have a beautiful apartment with this old brick fireplace.  
It's quite easy to keep houseplants if you pick the correct ones. I like to pick plants that have easy upkeep. The tall green one pictured above is a Money Tree from Ikea. It only has to be watered about once a week and isn't picky about sunlight. I would love to be able to have some beautiful fresh flowers but unfortunately that can become expensive. Therefore, I decided to make these flowers made out of crepe paper. Zero upkeep and they look awesome!

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Don't be afraid to buy things from thrift stores and yard sales. You sometimes can find the best things for even better prices and create the best spaces!

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