March 20, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears....OH MY!

Happy first day of Spring everyone! So I have to apologize, I've been a terrible blogger the last few weeks. Last week was spring break for me and getting back to school this week has been hectic. The Friday before break, my boyfriend, Tyler, came to visit and it was such a beautiful day that we couldn't just spend it in my dorm room. After much deliberation, we decided that the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium would be perfect.

As children, both Tyler and I loved coming here with our families...honestly, what child wouldn't? It's amazing really how they have managed to make you feel like you're in a whole other world when downtown Pittsburgh is just minutes away. 

Upon entering, visitors encounter all of the typical zoo animals: leopards, tigers, rhinos, elephants, lions and giraffes. Because it was still a bit chilly outside, the elephants and giraffes were inside rather than in their African Savana-like habitat. After these exhibits, visitors reach a building which houses all of the monkeys (my favorite!!). Although it's hot and sticky inside (mimicking a tropical rain forest), I really enjoy watching all of the different kinds of monkeys swinging around on their branches and vines. 

Tyler is absolutely obsessed with the western lowland gorillas (thanks to Tarzan of course!). We spent a good 30 minutes at the exhibit where mother, Moka, was showing off her nearly one year old baby. He is just so adorable and loves every bit of the attention that he gets.

Finally, we visited the aquarium where many different kinds of fish and other water creatures are housed. One of my favorite parts of the aquarium is seeing the penguins. They're always swimming around and doing funny things. After you exit the aquarium, the polar bears and sea otters are dancing around and having a good time. It's a particular treat if you get to see one of the polar bears in the water playing with their toys. After seeing them outside, you can go back into the aquarium to see the water from below. This is also where the sharks are. Fun fact, I happen to be absolutely terrified of sharks.

Although Friday was beautiful and one of the only days where I was able to really enjoy the outdoors in a while, it still wasn't warm enough for many of the animals. Those who were outside, spent most of their time basking in the rays rather than walking around. From experience I've learned that one of the best days to visit the zoo is when it's a little warmer or when there is a slight sprinkle of rain coming down.

** The logo posted at the beginning of the page is not mine.

Hope you all enjoy the photos! Stay tuned for a post about the National Aviary in a couple days. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. absolutely adore the menacing shark photo!

  2. I love that shark photograph - he looks a scary fellow. The Pittsburgh Zoo has to be one of my favorites (alongside Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland), love their aquarium building!

    1. Thank you! I looked up the Edinburgh Zoo, it looks very nice! The Baltimore Aquarium is another amazing one, especially because it is positioned right on the harbor creating a wonderful atmosphere.