March 25, 2014

A Birds Eye View

Good morning everyone! I hope you all enjoyed my post about the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium which I went to before my spring break started. Now I'm on to the National Aviary on the North Shore which I went to with my family over spring break.

Prior to this, I had never been to the aviary (my mom happens to have an unusual fear of birds). I was never really interested in going when I was younger, so she never had to torture herself. My little brother, however, is a much different story. Joel loves any and every living (..and dead) creature imaginable. Typical boy I guess. Needless to say, he was more than excited to go.

The aviary is set up with seven different areas with unique kinds of birds and one area which had Wookie the sloth. When you arrive, you receive a schedule which gives you times for different feedings and other events of the day. One of the first things we did was go straight to the tropical rainforest area where Joel was able to "feed" the birds (pictured below). I say "feed" because he really didn't have the patience for it.

I really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and hearing the bird experts talk about them. All of the birds at the aviary have their own names (the penguins literally have their names attached to them!). One of the really fun things that I was able to do was feed the Lorikeets. I walked into the room of a birds with a cup of nectar and they immediately swarmed me, standing all over my arms and head. I actually was pooped on during this moment (EWWW), which happens to be something which the bird people think is very special. I was told I was very lucky!!!

I really learned a lot in those hours that I was there and my mom, brother and I really enjoyed our visit. If anyone is in the area of the National Aviary (which is located on the North Shore near downtown Pittsburgh), I highly recommend a visit, especially if the trip includes children!!

I hope you all enjoyed this bird filled post! Have a wonderful day and be sure to bundle up if you're reading this from the Pittsburgh area!!


  1. Love this post C! It's your best so far (:


  2. Look at all those birds! This is certainly somewhere we're going to have to take our nephews the next time we're in Pittsburgh, they'd love it - as would I (especially the penguins!).

  3. Excellent interpretation, I'm glad you enjoyed the visit.